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NOTICE to our valued customers: The prices on the boards at our retail store are always current.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  As we want to provide the best quality and service to you, please call ahead if you have a question or want to know if an item is in stock.


Fresh Fish

Catfish Fillets

Catfish Steaks

Whole Catfish

Dressed Flathead Catfish

Farm Raised Swai Fillets

Scored Buffalo

Whole Dressed Buffalo

Scored Carp

Whole Dressed Carp

Perch Fillets

Whole Dressed Perch

Flathead Catfish (Fillets)

Flathead Catfish (Belly Meat)

Flathead Catfish (Nuggets)


Frozen Fish

Canadian Walleye Fillets

Tilapia Fillets

Lump Crab Meat (1# Pack)

Pollock Fillets

Sushi Grady Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks

Alaskan Salmon (8 oz. portions)

Atlantic Salmon

Cod Loins

Swordfish Steaks

Rainbow Trout

Premium Gulf Grouper


Frozen Seafood

EZ Peel Shrimp (16-20ct)

EZ Peel Shrimp (31-40ct)

Gulf Shrimp P&D (21-25ct)

Jumbo Breaded Shrimp

Medium Breaded Shrimp (3 Pound Bag)

Cooked Shrimp (26-30ct)

Breaded Super Clam Strips

Breaded Regular Clam Strips

Lobster Tails (All Sizes)

King Crab Legs & Claws

Jumbo Snow Crab

Cooked Crawfish

Crawfish Tail Meat

Dressed Turtle

Farm Raised Mussels

Jumbo Scallops

Hard Shell Clams

Frog Legs

Alligator Meat (1# Packs)


Smoked Fish


Cajun Carp

Cajun Buffalo




Catfish Fillets

HOT Bites (These are delicious, boneless catfish bites that are smoked in a spicy mixture.)

Appetizers & Breadings

Onion Rings (2 ½ Pound Box)

Breaded Mushrooms (2 Pound Bag)

Breaded Cauliflower (2 Pound Bag)

French Fries (5 Pound Bag)

Gourmet Breaded Oysters (2 ½ Pound Bag)


We offer a variety of breadings, spices, and sauces. We also sell jugs of oil for your fish fries, and can provide ice for your coolers.

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